By the time I arrived at the airport to start an automobile-based press trip, I knew very little – other than that I was boarding a plane bound for Turin, Italy to spend the next 24 hours doing all things FIAT.

Fortunately, Italians drive on the correct side of the road (by an American’s standards, that is) so I was automatically in better standing than my British counterparts. Unfortunately, they also drive manual and the hunt for an automatic version of the FIAT 500 definitely knocked my street cred down several tiers.

After the unveiling of the new FIAT 500, we gathered in the evening on the roof of the old FIAT factory for a full Italian meal that was followed by post-dinner regret and a serious food coma. Despite my immobility due to a major lack in portion-control, I joined some of the other bloggers and journalists for a night out in Turin’s Piazza Castello. What was meant to be an early night rapidly escalated to a 2AM cab ride back to the hotel and some weary eyes at our 7:30 wake-up call the next morning.

Sunglasses on, I hopped in my sparkly new FIAT 500, looking much fresher than I actually was. We started on a route that had been thoughtfully programmed into our sat nav but were quickly distracted by just about everything else around us.

As our trusty sat nav began to panic and yell, we detoured across the Fiume Po (Po River) and parked for a quick stroll through town and along the waterway. We stopped in a small flea market just off of the Ponte Regina Margherita where I proceeded to photograph every Italian over the age of 65.

After returning to our car we continued on our exploration of Turin driving towards The Superga, a massive hill north of the city. After a 30 to 45-minute drive following some seriously spotty road signs we found ourselves at the foot, and mercy, of the Basilica di Superga.

This colossal church, dating back nearly 300 years, is older than the United States and arguably in better shape/standing. The stunning yellow façade is upheld by massive stone pillars and topped by a sky-high dome that, when opened, reveals a staircase that leads to 360° views of Turin. When we weren’t ogling the Basilica we were on the edge of the hill looking over the city and taking in the mountain-mile view of the Alps.

On our return to the FIAT factory we finally got back on route and 24 hours after our arrival, our eclectic group of fashion bloggers and auto intellects were once again regrouped and flown back to London. A short and sweet trip with some serious Instagram value.

Nora was hosted in Turin by FIAT. To learn more and explore the new FIAT 500 clickhere.

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